Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Baked: Nutella Scones

I discovered Nutella about 15 years ago while I was backpacking through Europe. I was traveling with some college girlfriends on a no frills, cheap hostel stayin', bread and water eating adventure. Not my ideal way of traveling, but one of the absolute best trips I have ever been on, hands down. While we were in Venice, we stayed at a convent for a few days (yes, you read that right). The sisters there were sticklers for the rules and they adored their Nutella. This is where I had my first ever taste of this heavenly concoction. A rather unusual, but somehow appropriate place, I think.

For those just joining me, I am currently trying to get caught up on the recipes I missed for my Baked Sunday Mornings baking club (since I joined late). I was excited to see one of my available recipe choices was Matt and Renato's rich and delicious Nutella Scones. The mere mention of Nutella brings back memories of Italy, and I can think of only few things that sound better to me than a Nutella stuffed chocolate biscuit with toasted hazelnuts.  Mmmm. Mmmm.

Of course this did mean that Nutella was going to have to enter my home, which presented a bit of a problem. Our house was officially declared a 'Nutella Free' zone after my last pregnancy. Why you ask? Basically, I couldn't seem to keep the soup ladle out of the jar. It wasn't a pretty sight. Some people are this way with peanut butter... I just so happen to be a Nutella girl. I have leaned to accept it, and keep the delicious, heavenly spread at a distance, but I was flirting with potential disaster here. I had to be on my best behavior or my husband was going to have to intervene once again :)

A key component to these delicious scones are the toasted hazelnuts folded into the chocolate dough. They add a wonderful textural element. However, if I make these again, I would opt for fewer nuts chopped into slightly smaller pieces.  Don't worry, I would never dream of leaving them out altogether... that would be so wrong!

This recipe requires you to flatten the dough into a rectangle, spread the Nutella and roll. You then need to stand the roll on its end and flatten. Be careful NOT to overwork the dough through these steps, or your scones will end up like hockey pucks :) Stop once you see the dough starting to come together. It is OK if there are still bits of flour not incorporated into the dough as they will bake out in the oven. 

I have only attempted scones one other time in my baking career, as I usually opt for other breakfast treats. For my taste these are a little too rich for morning coffee, but with an afternoon latte and my laptop they would be oh, so very nice.

Check out the Baked Sunday Morning blog for Matt and Renato's delicious Nutella Scones recipe, or you could pick-up their book Baked Explorations.  It would be a great addition to any collection.

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  1. I'm trying to catch up on recipes I missed before joining Baked Sunday Mornings and recently made these. Loved them! I didn't have hazelnuts so I left them out but plan on making them again with the nuts.

    Yours turned out much prettier than mine though!


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