Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Baked: Carrot Coconut Scones

Well, it is scones again this week and admittedly, I wasn't to eager to make these. It wasn't because it was another scone recipe (though I am eager to move on to something else). It wasn't the carrots either (I love a good carrot cake or souffle). It was the darn coconut. I just don't understand it. Yes, it adds moisture and flavor, but to me it's just all wrong. The flavor is fine, but the texture is so chewy and unenjoyable. I hesitate whenever I see a recipe calling for coconut, and I usually try to eliminate it if it is only acting in a supporting role. However, in the spirit of the baking club, I wanted to give the recipe a try as written. I was pretty skeptical about it though. Could I really enjoy coconut? It was doubtful.

First of all, these are not your typical scones. Yes, they are comprised of the basic ingredients of a scones (flour, butter and milk), but it gets a little sketchy after that. Carrots and coconut? Rolled Oats? Really, a scone? A confused one, maybe.

While I do question the categorization of these treats into the scone family, I don't question the fact that these little guys weren't so bad. They were light and flaky, and the coconut ended up to be not as distracting as I had imagined, though I could have done without it. In my opinion it was the citrus glaze that really brightened up the flavors and made these guys work. The funny thing was that my husband was away for the weekend and my three munchkins were at their grandparent's house for a highly anticipated sleepover (a house all to myself... Yahoo!). What does any self-respecting adult do when they find themselves alone with pastries and no one to share them with? Well, they eat the tops off all the scones and leave the carcasses to look all sad and withered on the plate. It wasn't pretty, but it was oh so enjoyable :)

I have come to grips with the fact that just because there is a carrot in a recipe it doesn't mean it is healthy. So, while these may not have been the most nutritional of breakfast choices, I would have to say that after eating these with their carrots, oats and citrus glaze, I felt energized and ready to go on about my day.

According to Baked Sunday Morning rules, I cannot publish this recipe for all of you. I can only try to make you drool. I respect this decision and encourage you to go out and by the book, you will not be disappointed, I promise.


  1. Your scones look great! I'm glad you tried them and didn't hate them. =) I'm looking forward to the crumb cake next time, how about you?

  2. Wonderful post! And how fitting.. I have half danvers here ready to be planted.. hopefully soon! What a great combination - a strange one - but a great one! And what an energizer too - maybe these should a morning staple!

  3. I wasn't so sure about that flavor combination either... The stuff we do for baking groups :) Seriously I'm glad I tried it! But looking forward to the next one! Can't go wrong with a crumb cake!

  4. These were delicious, and congrats on the weekend without the hubs and kids! I had one of those recently, and may have also been a little indulgent with my baking :) I cut way back on the coconut, and people still loved them, so I say if you ever make these again, maybe give that a try.

  5. How enjoyable to have a weekend to yourself. Good job to eat the tops off all the scones. I am a coconut lover and feel so badly for those who don't get excited about it...however, I am proud of you for fully trying out the recipe.

  6. I love having the house to myself! Your scones look perfect!

  7. Jaime,beautiful and funny post. I could only imagine you eating the tops off the scones-I think we have all been there ! Your scones look so perfect though how could only eat the top !!

  8. Although I LOVED the idea of making these and am SO TEMPTED to go out now and SEEK OUT THE BOOK I wanted to share and idea with you...I would DEFINITELY have to add raisins and I'd give the coconut a ZipZIP in my little processor to make it a little less chewy(if you like) OR even add the raisins to the scones and reserve the coconut for the icing...
    Thank you for the idea, and I'm going to wing a recipe for it!
    Have a wonderful week,


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