Friday, April 15, 2011

MS Cupcakes Club: Chai Tea Mini Cupcakes

"I'll have a grande, non-fat, Chai Tea Latte please...hold the foam." That's my order every time I go to Starbucks. It is always the same. I just can't get past their Chai Lattes. I am addicted.

So, you can probably image that this week's selected cupcake was right up my alley. The prospect of finding bite-sized morsels of chai tea joy was very exciting, even better would be finding it in my inaugural week of this baking club.

Unfortunately, I feel a little let down. While the aroma of these cupcakes eluded to my favorite chai drink (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and cloves), they lacked for me in overall flavor. They were also fairly dry. Only four tablespoons of butter, really? It didn't seem right to me at the time, and I am fairly confident it was the cause of the problem. I think the recipe needed additional fat (butter).

As for the icing, it was entirely to sweet for my taste, and I like sweet. If I were to ever try these again, I would opt for a dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream with a dusting of cinnamon. A much better suited accompaniment, I think.

You know, I am going to shake this one off. It was my first recipe from this book, and I am going to assume that either I did something wrong (which is entirely plausible), or that I started on a bum week. It is possible that even Martha has a recipe I don't like every now and then, right? I hope to have better results next time.

Please check out Simple Girl's blog to see her beautiful photos and to obtain this recipe. You can also check out the MS: Cupcakes Club blog to see what my fellow club members have to say about this month's challenge. I hope they had better luck with these than me.


  1. I didn't love these cupcakes either- the texture was NOT what I was looking for (mine were bready.) Martha has some great recipes, but I feel like this isn't one of them.

    Your cupcake, nevertheless, makes them look delicious!

  2. I was like you, so looking forward to this recipe, but disappointed. Interesting, I've found a lot of Martha's cupcakes to be dry but it's fun to try them anyway. I usually make a half recipe, so it's not such a waste if they're dry.

  3. Don’t get discouraged!!! I found this one a little dry too but there are a lot of great recipes in her book that turned out perfect.


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