Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunday Baked: Buckeyes

Apparently, I need to apologize to the state of Ohio. I was never much of a fan of you... no offense, it's just that I'm a Purdue alum, and we just don't like anyone from The Ohio State University (intended mocking and sarcasm). Naturally, if I don't like Ohio State University, then I should make a blanket statement about the whole state... The logic is there, right!?

Well, I have been rethinking my logic lately. Maybe, I am off base. OK, way off base. Maybe, I have been underestimating the great state of Ohio. You can't be all bad, I mean your state motto is, "With God, anything is possible." Not to mention, one of my very best girlfriends is from Cleveland, and I think she's pretty great. You also have Corbo's Bakery, home of the Cleveland Cassata cake, which to this day is one of the best things I have ever put in my mouth.

Hmmmm.... Now, I've encountered these Buckeye candies... never heard of them before today. Apparently, they are named after the nut of the Buckeye tree. Go figure. All I know is that these no-bake (yes, you read that correct) candies, which are so easy to make, are utterly irresistible. A soft, sweetened peanut butter filling coated in dark chocolate... sound familiar to anyone? Yes, they could be the sophisticated cousin of the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. So, pour yourself a tall glass of milk and pop a few of these for a fantastic treat, or in my case, for breakfast :)

Ohio, my humble apologies. You're not so bad after all. I'll even go as far as to say,
"Go Buckeyes!"... the candy, I mean.

To read what my fellow bakers thought of this recipe, hop on over to the new Baked Sunday Mornings website, or even better buy a copy of Matt and Renato's book Baked Explorations and join in on the fun! 

Have a Sweet Day!
Jaime @ The Great Cake Company


  1. Your buckeyes look great! I like your stack of buckeyes, Jaime. We lived in Ohio when I was a little girl and I remember collecting buckeyes when we went on walks. This is a perfect treat to make with young children and I bet your kids had a fun time making them with you. Happy Holidays!

  2. Yours look so great (and I also ate a couple for breakfast). Yum!

  3. pretty candies :) wishing you happy holidays Jamie!

  4. Well I'm in Washington state and we have those trees here - they're vicious! But these are much better buckeyes.... yours look so glossy, beautiful and wonderful! What kind of chocolate did you use? Such a strange confection, but a good one!

  5. Beautiful, as always! I wish I could take photos half as gorgeous as yours!

  6. These look great, Jaime! I'll be making mine tomorrow, so am happy to see a preview!

  7. Well, being from Ohio, maybe we can forgive you because of this awesome recipe. Haha.

  8. Sarah, shame on me for being so foolish! Ohio really is a great and beautiful state... If you could just get rid of that darn school :)


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